1. Process:
    Lost Wax Process ,Silica Sol Techniques.
  2. Materials:
    Stainless Steel including duplex stainless steel, Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel
  3. Main Products:
    Valve parts,pump parts, impellers,meat mincer parts,flares parts,construction hardware mainly 6 types with 5000 kinds.
  4. Specifications:
    Weight range: 6g to 80kg
    Outline: 600mm x 600mm x 600mm

Certificate of quality

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ADD:No.92 Xian He Road, Shengli Industry Park, Dongying City, Shandong Province

Contact person:Zhou Li (Ms.)

Dongying Yicheng Precision Metal Co., Ltd founded in 1988,is one of the earliest manufacturers in investment castings(lost wax process)in China. Our main products are Pump parts, Valve parts, Impellers,Flare Parts and some other machinery parts, mainly 5 types with 5000 kinds.

According to Customers' drawings, samples or models, we can supply "One-stop Service"from products verifying, designing, pattern developing and technique finalizing to final machining.


Application Industry


Power generation

Industry applications

Chemical processing

Water&waste water


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